Commissioning Services

We are dedicated to provide building owners with professional, honest, accurate and unbiased fact to assure the project is built to the owners requirements. These requirements include buildings live, breath and operate to expectations. Commissioning begins at the Pre-Design Phase providing Experience and Expertise following a precise and methodical process with the owners engagement through out the process. We offer a QC process that provides documentation, PEER review, Sustainability guidance for IAQ and efficiency and assure the facility operators are properly trained for each project.

Commissioning Services Offered


Commissioning is a systematic process of ensuring that a new building’s complex array of systems are designed, installed, and tested to perform according to the design intent and the building owner’s operational needs.


We provide a systematic approach that identifies operational and maintenance improvements in existing buildings. Through our process we restore the building to its optimal performance based on the design intention and the owner requirements resulting in lower energy usage, increased occupant comfort, extended equipment life, and better indoor environmental quality.

Energy Audits

A comprehensive analysis of your building’s energy usage is performed and documented. Based on the findings a report is created that describes the opportunities to reduce energy usage in the building. Each opportunity is quantified by providing a calculated return on investment which provides a path for future improvements.

Building Modeling

Through detailed 3D building modeling we are able to accurately predict what effect changes to the building will have on the energy usage. The model becomes an invaluable tool in determining what improvements should be made to the building and operating systems.


We utilize blower door testing to evaluate and locate areas of leakage in the building envelope. By sealing off areas of air leakage and providing a tight barrier from the outside conditions, heating and cooling costs will be reduced.

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